September 16, 2020 Maranatha Baptist Church

Special Gifts - Cindy Williams

Special Gifts - Cindy Williams

Special Gifts - Cindy Williams

You know all those things people say about how special becoming a grandparent is? It’s true.

Over the years I listened to the stories and dutifully looked at the pictures of glowing grandmas’ and grandpas’ miraculous grandchildren. Never thinking I would become one of them.

In October of 2014, I flew to Florida with my husband to meet a special person. After being picked up at the airport, we were taken to the castle to meet the young prince. I can’t describe the feeling I had when I saw this beautiful creation of the Lord. Baby Landry stole my heart and set up residence in a part of it. 

In his first few years, we visited when we could. Vacations were straight to Florida and back. We wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. However, we had to watch those first years of Landry growing in pictures and videos. His parents were very good at keeping us updated on our little boy.

When the family moved to North Carolina we decided this was a ministry for us, spend time with Landry. Mike retired from work and also being a deacon. I retired the next year. We wanted to be a godly influence on our grandson, so began our treks to North Carolina.

Landry has grown into such a smart, sweet, curious little boy. He loves board games, especially Candy Land and Sneaky Snacky Squirrel. We have great games of Hide and Seek. He loves books read to him. He likes to work. He asks tons of questions. (I could go on, but I will restrain myself.)

Our first trip with Landry was to stay in a hotel (He asked if it was our house.) and Santa’s Land. We all had a ball! He rode the Rudy Coaster (“too fast Grandpa”) and several kiddie rides. His favorite thing was riding a paddle boat and feeding tons of fish. We loved it too!

The Bear Zoo was a great place where you can feed the big bears. We conned him into getting our picture taken with a baby bear. He would not smile, but that picture is a treasure. 

Next we rented a camper at Jellystone Park. There was swimming, fishing, walking, the playground, cooking out, and lots of fun. (Landry likes white marshmallows, not brown or black.)

We had a blast at the Smoky Mountain Deer Park where he rode his first horse. He loved feeding the goats and deer.

This summer we brought him to our home for a week. Such wonderful memories we made! The Covered Bridge, The Farm at Walnut Creek, walks, Wii, and so much more. 

On the way to his home, we stopped at Parrot Mountain. Such a beautiful place! We walked and looked at all the gorgeous birds God made! His favorite thing was the baby bird building where he was brave enough to hold two birds at once. Of course, crazy Grandma talked him into a picture of the tree with each of us holding birds! No smile, of course, but another treasurer!

We always talk to Landry about the One who loves him more than we do. The One who will forgive his sins and give him a home in Heaven. He is starting to “get it”! Such great questions he asks! Why was Jesus beaten? Why did He die on the cross? I love Jesus, am I okay? 

Landry and I were riding in the back of the van together on Route 40 with a view of the breathtaking Smokies. The clouds were so white and fluffy that day. I looked out the window and pointed to the mountains and the clouds covering the tops. I said to Landry, “That reminds me of Jesus coming with the clouds. You know someday Jesus will call all of the ones that love Him to come with Him to Heaven.” Landry looked at me and asked, “Will I go with him? I love Him?” I explained to him about his sin and having Jesus forgiving him. It is exciting to hear his questions and to talk to him about the Lord. I know he doesn’t understand about his sin yet, but it is coming. This grandma and grandpa keep him before the Lord in prayer.

God has given us two grandsons and soon number three will make his appearance. We will do our best, with God’s help to invest our time and love on them too. 

What they say about Grandparents is all true. Want to see some pictures?