September 09, 2020 Maranatha Baptist Church

Give Me a Heart to Minister - Cindy Williams

Give Me a Heart to Minister - Cindy Williams

Give Me a Heart to Minister - Cindy Williams

My devotions from the other day caused me to stop and take inventory. The subject was ministering. What is my attitude and motivation in ministering? 

In Mark 10 James and John asked Jesus for the honor of sitting on his right and left hand in His glory. When the other disciples heard this, they became indignant because they wanted that honor for themselves. Jesus went on to explain to them that He was the example they were to follow. He came to serve not to be served. 

What is my motivation when I am picking up my husbands shoes for the 5th time today? Am I grumbling about having to do this and thinking about what he should be doing for me? No, I should look at this as a small way to minister to him and serve him joyfully. 

When my children were growing up, did I expect them to minister to me by being good Christian soldiers, straight A students, excelling in sports, marrying well and making me look good? Or did I minister to them and their unique needs by listening to them, getting to know them as individuals and spending time with them?

When I go to church, do I expect the Pastor to minister to me? Do I complain the sermon was boring or too long? (This never happens with Todd Grover!) Do I wonder why people don’t come up to me and give me the attention I deserve? What about my last prayer request? Don’t they remember? No, I should be there to minister to my pastor and the church family God has given me. I may minister with encouraging words and praying for them. Helping where I can with a joyful heart. 

After taking inventory, I came up short. My prayer is for God to do a work in me and give me a heart to minister. I want to pick up those shoes with joy in ministering to my husband. I want to minister to my children and grandchildren by giving them my time and blessing them however I can. At church I want to find ways to minister to my pastor and church family. I want to serve others without expecting anything in return. I want to hear, “Well done good and faithful servant.”