September 02, 2020 Cory Bishop

The View from the Pew (II) - Anne Phillips

The View from the Pew (II) - Anne Phillips

The View from the Pew (II) - Anne Phillips

The members of my local church remind me of this recipe for sweet dill pickles.


Mix in saucepan 1 cup vinegar, 2 cups sugar, 1 tbsp. whole cloves. Stir and boil until syrupy. When cool poor over dill pickle strips and refrigerate. Let set five days until crispy.


Some church members, like vinegar, are very necessary but can be a little hard to take full strength. Others, like sugar, are just as necessary but too much sweet is also hard to take. Then there are those, like cloves, who add spice and flavor to the church but would be useless without the vinegar and sugar.


Occasionally God allows another ingredient to enter the mix. This year it is a virus.

This virus has been keeping the vinegar, sugar and cloves from mixing and being as effective as it should be. Not to fear. This must be a temporary condition as we are admonished not to ‘forsake assembling together’ and Jesus has already asked the Father to ‘make us one’. (John 17)


Perhaps this present inconvenience is a test ‘stirring and boiling down’ to prepare us for a future trial. Persecution comes to mind. But that is a topic for another time.