August 21, 2020 Maranatha Baptist Church

Our Testimony - Mike & Cindy Williams

Our Testimony - Mike & Cindy Williams

This is a condensed version of the great work God did in saving us. Our whole life stories would take too long to read, though now we can see His hand in our lives from the beginning.

Though I grew up going to church regularly, I was as lost as you can be. Mike had gone to church occasionally, but was also not saved. 

We met in 1977 and married in 1978. We moved to a little apartment in Jeromesville. I remember lying in bed one night and talking. This question came up, “Did you ever wonder what you have to do to go to Heaven?” Neither of us had an answer, but we agreed we’d like to know. We believe that God took that as a prayer and set His plan in motion to answer it.

We bought a house in Ashland and I took a job at Ashland Bank. God gave me a job working with a Christian lady. She spent time with me, witnessed to me, and invited us to First Baptist Church. Satan hindered us with flu, a flat tire and locking ourselves out of our house. Finally, my friend came and picked us up and took us to church. 

We attended for awhile and heard the Gospel for the first time, clearly. I remember looking at the huge choir and thinking how amazing it was that all those people thought they were going to Heaven. 

Finally one Sunday, when the pastor gave the invitation, I told Mike I wanted to go down front and he said he did too. So, we walked the aisle and a deacon took Mike and his wife took me and showed us from the Bible how to be saved. We prayed the sinner’s prayer. I truly believe that we were saved the moment we stepped into the aisle. We were ready!

That was 41 years ago and God has never forsaken us. No telling where we’d be today without Him. So amazing to look back over the years and see God’s hand in bringing us to Him!

Cindy Williams